10 Album Terbaik 2015

Setelah sekian tahun absen dari kancah permusikan, tepatnya 4 tahun sejak pensiun sebagai Music Director salah satu radio kampus paling kece sejagad raya (cie gitu), akhirnya Saya menyempatkan diri berkutat lagi membagi review Saya mengenai album-album paling ciamik sepanjang 2015 versi paling subjektif tentunya (yha kan bukan music director lagi). Mungkin banyak yang tidak sependapat, […]

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The Heritage City of Penang

In the end of 2015, I had my last trip to Penang with my family. Penang is an island off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Beside it well known as Asia food paradise, this island also rich of multicultural history which is full of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. In Penang, I stayed in Tune […]

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Großartig, Berlin!

Germany is one of my destination lists to be visited during my Eurotrip, it has so many histories long time a go, especially about Nazi vs Jew so it interests me to know more about this country. I have a chance to visit Frankfurt and Berlin, but only Berlin I could explore because Frankfurt just […]

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Dobrý den, Prague!

Prague, capital of the Czech Republic is one of my wishlist to be visited. Lucky me, I had a chance to visit Prague with my friends last spring when the weather and scenery was so good. Though it was just 3 days and 2 nights but it was so memorable for me. During my visit, […]

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My Breathtaking Trip in Budapest

Having one day in Vienna was great enough, we satisfied exploring this city and now we would move to Budapest to find another great adventure. At 7 in the morning, we were rushing to the train station to get our morning train to Budapest. Budapest itself was the capital city of Hungary and was divided into […]

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