Ciao Milan!

One day in Paris was not enough, but today I should continue my trip to Milan. Me and my friends took our morning train from Paris to Milan. The journey took about 7 hours by the train, but don’t worry, we could see a beautiful scenery from the train. In middle of journey,our train stopped in the small station, the train officer found that there were three passengers with no passpor, so they were driven out in that station, the situation quite strained at that time and we were little bit scared. After stopped about 30 minutes the train continued the journey to Milan.


DSCN0401DSCN0412The scenery along the journey was so wonderful, we saw the beautiful Alpen mountain, the river, the village and that was so breathtaking.

After a quite long journey from Paris to Milan, We headed to our hotel but poor us, we got some trouble there. Our hotel cancelled our booking because some unclear hotel rules, we were so disappointed. Finally, the hotel management give us compensation, they help us to book a room in another hotel nearby with the same rate.

Thank god, Our new hotel was much better than previous. We were welcomed by a nice bell boy with a cute yellow Lacoste long sleeve t-shirt (he always appeared with this shirt along my stay). After a little rested and cleaned up ourselves, we went outside to look for dinner. FYI, In Italy people have their dinner at 7 p.m, so you will find the restaurants still closed until 7 p.m.

2nd day in Milan, we planned to discover this city by Milan public transport so we bought all-day ticket. The first place we visited was Castello Sforzesco, a castle built in XV century by Francesco Sforza. This building is functioned as museum today which features Michael Angelo final sculpture.

DSCN0431After took a look this building, we went out to the rear entrance and found ourselves in Sempione Park, the biggest green area in Milan. The weather was so nice to take a walk along the park and we also bought gellato while we walked until we reached the Arch of Peace.


IMG-20150417-WA0052After had some fun in the park, we felt so hungry. Then we left the Sempione park to have a lunch. When we walked to look for Italian food restaurant for our lunch, we saw some booths along the street and we found that soon this city would hold Milan Expo.


Finally, after took a long walk we visited Italian restaurant to have a lunch. Italy was famous with its food like spaghetti, pizza, risotto and many kinds of pasta, so we desired to taste that kind of food. That was true, Italian food was so delicious! I was satisfied with that food.


Our adventure was not ended yet, next destination was San Siro Stadium. One of my friend was a die-hard fans of Intermilan (you can called it Interisti) so she was so excited to visit this stadium. Actually, not only Intermilan was played there but also AC Milan. This stadium also had the museum of Intermilan and AC Milan.




Satisfied with Intermilan thingy, we moved to Milan city centre. What we found there? the famous and the largest gothic church in Italy, Duomo. That was the first time I saw Duomo and I felt so amazed by this majestic church. So many people came here, we must watched out of our belongings because there also pickpockets and beggars spied on us. One more, we must be careful with someone who give us a bracelet for friendship, peace or whatever, because in the end they will charged us with crazy price.


Before we ended our adventure today, we randomly took a random railway and went nowhere. We just enjoyed our random sightseeing at that time and after we felt so tired, we finally went back to our hotel and had a dinner.

Today was our last day in Milan, before we moved to Wien, I would meet my friend who lived here for study. We arranged to meet in Duomo, near her college because at 2 pm she had a class. Though we had a little time to meet and the weather was not so good because of the light rain, she and her italian boyfriend took us a short tour. They guided us to shop some souvenirs, culinary tour and told us some places must be visited before we left. As the time went by, we ended our tour in coffee shop, she should take her class and her boyfriend also should leave for work.

IMG_0186After waiting the rain stopped falling in coffee shop, we continued our tour, at this time without my Milan friend and her boyfriend. We moved to explore Navigli District, Santa Maria delle Grazie and ended in Da Vinci Museum.

DSCN0598 DSCN0603 DSCN0610 DSCN0617 DSCN0619The time went so fast, finally we must went back to our hotel to took our luggages and headed to Milano Central Station. Our train to Wien would depart at 9 p.m and we would get a sleeper train. We couldn’t wait to experience this sleeper train and also we were so exciting to see Wien in about 10 hours.


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