A Bittersweet Liverpool

In the foggy morning in Nottingham, the wind blew softly and brought cool air to my face while waiting for the bus to the train station. This was my second day in England and my friend Chika was generous to take me on a trip to Liverpool. The trip itself took about 4 hours by the train and there were beautiful views along the way.

After 4 hours, the train finally arrived in Liverpool Lime Street Station. The station was quite big with modern architecture and some merchants inside the station. Liverpool however, is a port city and located in northwest England, no wonder there such a hard wind slapping us when we stepped out from the station.


The first landmark we saw after stepped out from the station was Walker Art Gallery. We took some photos there and just passed by, we didn’t spend so much time because of the hard wind which could push our body. Afterwards, we had a lunch in burger restaurant before continuing our way to The Beatles Museum. Unfortunately, it was raining when we had a lunch and it didn’t stop yet until a long time, so we decided to go out from the restaurant and continuing our way to The Beatles Museum. This was a hard trip I guess, we should walking through the cold rain and the hard wind to reach The Beatles Museum.



I felt so blessed and happy when we finally arrived in The Beatles Museum after fighting with the bad weather. This museum attracted us with so many things about the history of how Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr formed Liverpool’s most famous band. There was also a merchandise shop inside the museum, so many fascinating merchandised was sold such as t-shirts, jackets, mugs, keychains and even John Lennon glasses.



After spending a long time in The Beatles Museum, we planned to move to Museum of Liverpool. Again, we should fighting with the hard sea-wind and the cold air, even worse because the museum was located in the port and we should walking through the dock. In the middle of our way, we decided to visit the small house in the waterfront to warm ourselves. This small house was museum and filled with the house stuff of coastal people. After we felt warm enough, we continued our way to Museum of Liverpool.





Museum of Liverpool was opened in 2011, it was replaced the former Museum of Liverpool Life. This museum has so many collections and objects representing social and urban history. After spending an hour, we should move because the museum would be closed at 5 pm, so we decided to go back to Liverpool Lime Street Station. Liverpool however was so beautiful if the weather was fine but unfortunately we came in the wrong time, the weather ruined all.


Our train from Liverpool Lime Street Station was scheduled to leave at 7 pm, so we decided to wait in the coffee shop inside the station while resting. After waiting about an hour, our train finally arrived and we suddenly went into the train. The train wasn’t so crowded until the passengers from Manchester took a ride. Some of them were football hooligans who drunk and sang their football team anthem so loudly. So my plan to sleep in the train was failed because of the noisy football hooligans. Finally, after 4 hours trapped with the hooligans, we safely arrived in Nottingham. Then we got back to my friend’s flat and ended this trip.


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