My First Long Haul Flight Experience

I felt so nervous, I never travelled far before. I planned to visit my friend in Nottingham, United Kingdom in the spring of April 10-24, 2015. Then I bought the ticket to London and I choose Lufthansa because of the promo fare at that time. My flight itinerary was from Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur – Frankfurt – London and it took about18 hours.


April, 10 2015 at 4.30 pm I went to Soekarno Hatta Airport, actually my flight schedule was 7.45 pm but I didn’t want trapped in the Jakarta nightmare traffic. It was better came earlier than late. I arrived in the airport at 5.30 pm and I was so exciting yet nervous while waiting my flight.

Finally, my boarding time was coming. My heart was beating so fast. The plane not so crowded, only few passengers in the plane at that time. I sat next to Indonesian student who went back to London for her study. It took about 2 hours from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur and I got sandwich during the flight. The Plane was stop over in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) just for 1 hour, after that the flight was continued to fly to frankfurt. It took about 12 hours to Frankfurt and thanks god the entertainment (movies,musics, videos and games) in Lufthansa was fun and there was usb charger for mobile phone, so don’t worry if your battery was exhausted.

After 12 hours flight, the plane was safely landed in Frankfurt, Germany. This was my first time in europe, I was so exciting. The frankfurt International airport was so big, I need to use sky train to change my gate. I worried if I lost here, but once more, thank’s god the direction was everywhere and easy to understand. I thought this was one of the coolest airport after Changi and Lufthansa logo was everywhere because it was the biggest airline in Germany.

After 1 hour of transit, finally I continued my flight to London with Lufthansa. I felt so jet lag at that time, because I couldn’t sleep during the long haul flight. My head full of excitement of London. I dreamed of London since I was a kid. I also felt so nervous during the flight from Frankfurt to London. So, what happened after 2 hours of flight? let’s see in my next posts, bye!


2 thoughts on “My First Long Haul Flight Experience

  1. Sounds pretty enjoyable. Lufthansa is a really good airline for long haul flights. I’m looking forward to reading more about your experiences in London! 🙂


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